About Us


We are a producer of armament and replicas of tents from all historical periods. We have great experience in it, backed up many years of coopertion with one of the biggest shops with accessories for the Medieval Ages reenactors – SPES Medieval Market.


We guarantee the highest quality of our products for reasonable price! Our aim is to produce the tents and armament according to historical reality as much as possible, that is why we use historical sources as a base for our projects. Our knowledge includes material artefacts if they preserved, if not we use iconography, paintings and literature. All our products are tested to achieve highest quality. In standard our tents are machine sewn and finishing is made by hand. As a sheets we use impregnated cotton, linen and leather.


Our offer includes tents for every pocket. You may find here ancient tents, medieval tents, post-medieval tents, napolenic tents, tents from XX century, LARP tents and armament. Also if you wish a special one we may do it for you.


We do not afraid of challenges – we are able to produce almost every type of tent – so, if you have any unusual idea write to us, we will do our best to make it real!



Company details:


Aleksander Zmuda Trzebiatowski

87-100 Toruń; ul. Bema 91-105


NIP: 504-003-16-53

REGON: 341325732

Phone. 517348876